Herniated Disc

The vertebrae of the spine are separated by soft discs that absorb shock and promote flexibility. When a disc is damaged, it can cause pain and limit your mobility. A herniated disc occurs when the inner jelly-like center of a disc bulges outward or even breaks free of the disc’s fibrous outer layer. Herniated discs are a common cause of back pain; if you’re suffering from a herniated disc in Houston, the Spine Disc Replacement Center can help with treatment options that include herniated disc replacement.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

A herniated disc can occur anywhere in the back, and the symptoms you experience may depend on the location of the damaged disc. Herniated discs typically cause irritation of or place pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots that emanate from it, which causes pain and other symptoms associated with this condition.

  • Herniated discs in the lower back often cause pain in the buttocks, thigh, and calf, but the pain you feel may continue to your foot.
  • A herniated disc in the upper back will typically cause shoulder and arm pain, which may include the wrist and hand.
  • Pain associated with a herniated disc tends to worsen temporarily when you change positions, sneeze, or cough.
  • In some cases, you may feel numbness or tingling sensations in the affected limb. Herniated discs can also cause muscle weakness, which can limit your mobility and even affect your safety as well as your comfort.

Disc Replacement: Treatment for Herniated Discs

Many individuals heal from a herniated disc without the need for surgery. However, when a disc is severely damaged and sufficient improvement is not seen after several weeks, your doctor may suggest surgery to remove the disc with the aim of eliminating pain or other disabling symptoms.

  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, or ACDF, is a common procedure used to treat herniated discs in the neck. During this procedure, the damaged disc is removed and the growth of bone between the adjacent vertebrae is promoted to provide stability. However, this can limit the motion of the neck after surgery, especially if two or more levels are fused.
  • Herniated disc replacement is an alternative surgical option that replaces a herniated disc with an artificial disc. This procedure requires no fusion for stability and preserves all natural neck motion after healing. Replacing the damaged disc can also help to maintain the health of adjacent discs, reducing the risk of future disc deterioration.

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