Neck Pain

The neck contains the upper portion of the spine and is directly responsible for supporting the head. Neck pain is a common complaint, particularly in older individuals, and may arise from one of many possible causes. If you’re experiencing neck pain in Houston, the Spine Disc Replacement Center can help. Our neck pain doctors have the experience and the resources needed to address many causes of neck pain permanently and effectively.

Differentiating Muscular and Mechanical Neck Pain

Neck pain is a general term that refers to discomfort, pain, or stiffness anywhere in the neck, also called the cervical spine. Most types of neck pain fall into one of two categories: pain related to the muscles of the shoulders and neck, and pain related to the structure of the spine itself. Muscular neck pain originates in the soft tissues of the neck, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support and move the head and neck. This type of pain may be caused by overextension, overuse, or injuries such as sports injuries and whiplash. Mechanical neck pain results from damage or deterioration of the spine and its components, such as the vertebrae, discs, and nerve roots. This type of pain can occur following an accident or injury, but may also arise from chronic disease or the effects of aging.

When Is Surgery Needed for Neck Pain?

Because neck pain is associated with several causes, there are many treatment options available to combat it. While nonsurgical treatments are often adequate to address neck pain and promote healing, there are some situations in which surgery is the best solution.

  1. Neck pain that arises from nerve root irritation may require surgery if nonsurgical solutions to eliminate this irritation fail. When neck pain is due to a severely damaged disc or other component of the spine, surgery to remove the offending material may be needed.
  2. Similarly, neck pain that develops as a result of spinal cord compression often responds best to surgery. Spinal cord compression frequently occurs due to deterioration of the spine and spinal discs as the body ages, but can also be caused by rarer conditions such as tumors, infections, and severe spinal injuries.
  3. Some types of injuries and illnesses damage the components that naturally stabilize the cervical spine. When mechanical damage threatens the health of the spine and leads to chronic neck pain, surgery can be used to stabilize the spine and prevent further pain.

Our neck pain doctors are dedicated to helping patients eliminate neck pain that interferes with daily life and comfort. You can reach the Spine Disc Replacement Center by phone at (346) 571-7500 to schedule a consultation in Houston.

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